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Why Highway king slot attract so many players

Thảo luận trong 'Đồ Chơi Mô Hình - Game' bắt đầu bởi anhtran, 28/6/16.

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    Why Highway king slot attract so many players

    As you know, there are a ton of speed games together with many other forms; however, Highway king slot game provided by Playtech is one of the most favorable game nowadays. Play this game at Malaysia online casino.
    1. Brief description
    When go to take part in Highway king slot game, players will also take part in many other thrilling races on the highway. Within these races, there are plenty of colorful vehicles that appear, so you have to be a very good driver in order not to crash any of them on the race. In order to win this game, you need to beat the traffic with other huge trucks and try to attain the biggest prizes as much as possible. With a great jackpot and the way of playing is very easy and simple to gain rewards, this slot game is a very great game for any players who are the newbie in online slot game world.
    When begin to play this slot game, firstly, you will meet many of bright icons that is relating to the unique theme. There are red truck, green truck and yellow truck and of course many other icons like piston, fuzzy dice, gas pump, gas tank, wheel and muffler. If you are a fan of the wide highway, I am sure that you will like this game and its colorful icons as well.
    Several players in the world like and want to try highway king slot game at least one times and why is that? It is because you can attain high rewards for free play or even for real money.
    1. About free play version
    During the free play version, you can easily crab many bonuses while you beat the game special bonus feature called the Dollar Ball progressive jackpot option. As you may know, this option is only offered in this slot game. If you want to activate this bonus feature, you need to spend a little cash playing. Click the Enable button placed in the top right hand corner of the screen in order to start playing this progressive jackpot feature. There are 5 balls will be drawn in each spin. There will have a series of numbers from 1 to total 49 numbers and your job is to select 5 numbers of balls. Then, you have to match one, two or three of this numbers in order to form a win, your jackpot total will increase 1% for 4 balls, especially you will get the full amount for all 5 balls.
    1. Play for real money
    During real version, you need set your bet as well as select the pay lines to bet from 1 to 9 before joining. If you are a risky person, you can cover all 9 pay lines to bet but if this is your first time, I think you should pay some of the pay lines only. You can select your bet amount from $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1, $2 to $5. You can also get $20,000 coins for green truck and gas tank icons, $100,000 for 5 yellow trucks and the highest payout amount up to $200,000 coins for 5 red trucks on a pay line you selected if you play Bet Max.
    These things attract so many players play this highway king slot game. What is your opinion about this game?

    >> Source : http://399best.com/en/news/29002/why-highway-king-slot-attract-so-many-players
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