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    Wheel of Wealth Slot Series

    With plenty of different and unique Malaysia online casino bonus games available on the plethora of slots which can be played online it takes a good one to prove popular with players who demand not only the best slot games to play but also are always on the lookout for bonus feature rounds that are worth triggering.

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    The Wheel of Wealth slot series is made up of several different variations of slot games which come as single line slots, multi-line slots and now also a multi-player slot. They all share the spinning wheel bonus round where you can win one of many cash awards displayed on the wheel.

    The Wheel of Wealth slot series originally began life as a single line classic slot which comes with a fixed coin stake and to be in with a chance of triggering the wheel spin bonus game simply entails you playing a maximum coin spin and getting a Spin symbol on the pay line, however on the more recent versions of this slot series you can now trigger it for single coin spin.

    Below we have listed the many different Malaysia online casino slot games in the Wheel of Wealth slot series feel free to check out any or all of them via the online scr888 casino listed below. Each one will let you play for free as a guest player or for real money with the addition of an exclusive casino bonus.

    Wheel of Wealth Slot

    The Wheel of Wealth Slot was the first game to be released by Microgaming that offered the wheel spinning bonus feature round, it is presented as a single pay line slot game with three reels, a maximum coin spin will cost you 3.00. Spin in the Spin symbol and the bonus game will be triggered.

    Spectacular Wheel of Wealth Slot

    The Spectacular Wheel of Wealth Slot was the second Malaysia online casino slot game to be released from Microgaming and this one also offers the wheel spinning bonus game. Various different instant cash prizes can be won during this bonus game and simply give the wheel a spin to find out which one you have been awarded.

    Wheel of Wealth Special Edition Slot

    The Wheel of Wealth Special Edition Slot game is an all singing all dancing bonus video slot offering plenty of pay lines and on any activated pay line you could trigger the Wheel of Wealth bonus feature round, the coin value settings can also be fully adjusted.

    Multiplayer Wheel of Wealth Slot

    The Multiplayer Wheel of Wealth Slot game is the only multi-player slot game currently available at the majority of our featured online casinos. You can play with players from all over the world and once the bonus game triggers everyone who is playing the slot is awarded a prize from the wheel, which ensures lots of community fun and games.