What is special about the Highway King slot game?

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    What is special about the Highway King slot game?

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    Highway Kings Slot Machine is a game of men, unless you are a truck-lover. Then, you also should give the high 5 reel 9 line road a try and arrive at the top reward of $200,000. If you decide to choose this path, do not regret later. This game is available at Malaysia online casino.

    1. What is this?
    What is this game all about? The Playtech Company offers you a very creative and exciting journey. Get off the backside and ensconce yourself cozily in no download car to hit the monetary road powdered with high-valued machine parts.

    The Highway king slot game can create a real big prize and even offer a progressive jackpot with unimaginable dollar consequences. Ladies prefer elegant cars, but are you a real man who can ride truck? Let’s check it out, enter the game and we will see what you can do.


    1. How to play
    Of course, every driver should be good at betting to get the top award. There are coin sizes that can take you to the fantastic and extremely hot winnings.

    But it would be incorrect to say that you don’t want to crave for the highest award of $200,000, wouldn’t it? The range starts from $0.02 to $20.00, if you want to show your excellent skills, then don’t heritages putting the highest coin value to open the spin motor.

    Pay attention to 5 Red Trucks and gain $10,000 as the top gain by the max bet of $180 only. It is a huge challenge, but don’t worry, you will make it! Furthermore, if you have got over the slot, you can start on a journey, and at that time, the Global Traveler Slot will be a great opportunity to make the trip real.

    1. Wild Symbol
    The Red Truck has the highest value in the Highway King slot. It is known to be the wild symbol which can replace all game symbols, apart for the scatter, or the go-by. Your sixth sense has never let you down The wild symbol means more winning combos for you. The game road is full of thrilling cash impacts.


    1. Scatter Symbol
    Would you like to add up your total bet? Trigger 3, 4 or 5 Sparkling Plugs to multiply it by 5 times, 10 tines or even up to 100 times. How do you like the after-effect? That works out only with the scatter symbol. Keep Sparkling Plug capacity in mind or rather on the reels.

    1. Progressive Jackpot
    You have the big desire to take part in the award hustle; however the Highway King slot still lacks of features. If it is nothing left to win, then, you should keep that prize or you can upgrade your scoops playing Highway Kings Pro Slot Machine.

    Just before starting to choose 5 numbers, you may need to activate Dollar Ball icon to make your figures effect. If there are 5 matches out 5, the overwhelming amount of money will be yours. However, there are 49 figures and to pick and the challenge for real thrill-drivers is how to pick the right ones.


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