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    the manor apartment Fantastic view from living room and bedrooms of Saigon City, 210 sqm , high - end furnished , stylish renovation, kitchen utensils furnished. Apartments for rent are attractively appointed and include a wide range of conveniences designed to meet the needs of busy professionals.

    So convenient to living in the apartment just few minutes away from the city center, also there is security 24/7 to help you anytime and a large parking area for your car or motorbike. As well as variety services and facilities, like medical practice, swimming pool, spa, gym, kinder garden, restaurant, coffee shop, fast food shop, boutique shop, laundry shop…etc.



    Address: 292 Ung Van Khiem Str, Ward 25, Binh Thanh Dist, HCM City, Vietnam.

    Email: citihousegroup@gmail.com

    Hotline: 0902 410 300 - 0902 704 940- Tel: (84.8) 3520 7646

    website: estella apartment for rent
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