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Sofa Avatar – WP Theme with many faces

Thảo luận trong 'Trò chuyện linh tinh' bắt đầu bởi forestgfx12, 24/4/14.

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  1. forestgfx12

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    -> Aug 04, 2011 - THEME UPDATED (the missing user URL issue resolved) Files affected: "contact.php"
    -> July 18, 2011 - THEME UPDATED (WP 3.2 compliance issue resolved) Files affected: "functions.php"

    Sofa Avatar is fully WordPress 3.0+ compliant, having support for Menus, Background and Header.
    Home page layout (+ design) can be user arranged so the purpose of this theme litterally fits to ANY niche, no matter whether you are about to run a blog, corpo website, restaurant, portfolio, church web, etc. There are several (optional) header elements which can be combined at will: Adobe Flash made image rotator (Piecemaker), jQuery Featured Content slider, WP’s Header (static image) and Extra Content section. On top of that, users can pick (from theme Options) 3 different Home page layouts:

    • Widgets only
    • Posts Grid or
    • Classic Blog layout

    By combining optional header elements and available layouts you can create something really unique in just a few clicks.
    This theme also comes with 3 different custom templates; Contact, Gallery and Full Width Page.
    It does provide support for Shortcodes too and theme Options page gives you an easy way to literally control each vital part of Sofa Avatar theme. There’s many more you’ll discover, I bet you gonna love it!

    Features Summary

    • Support for Header, Background and Menus (full WP 3 .0+ compliant)
    • Switchable home page layouts
    • Fully integrated Piecemaker (Adobe Flash images rotator)
    • jQuery made Featured Content Slider
    • Multi-level drop-down navigation
    • 11 built-in Widgets (GoogleMaps, Sectional Navigation, Twitter, Flickr, etc.)
    • Custom Templates: Gallery (filterable), Full Width, Contact
    • Shortcodes (enabled for Widgets)
    • Pre-made backgrounds
    • Localization file included
    • Admin Options page for easy theme settings/tunning

    Have a look at screenshots, these few layouts/designs were made in just a couple of clicks.

    Do you want to install entire Sofa Avatar demo site locally?
    Dummy data file for import: DOWNLOAD

    Enjoy and don’t hesitate to pop the question if in doubt!


    Live Preview | Screenshots | Download Now
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