Social Lead Wizard Overview

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    Social Lead Wizard Overview

    Vendor: Aravindh S
    Product: Social Lead Wizard
    Release Date: 2014-04-26
    Release Time: 11:00 EDT
    Front-End Price: $10 ($40)
    Sale Page:

    What is Social Lead Wizard ?

    The Social Lead Wizard is a Software that helps you about Facebook Marketing and that advertises your squeeze pages directly within your customers NewsFeed. You easily choose one of their built-in, high converting templates, enter your “call-to-action” striking post… it’s easy.

    While using the popularity of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Indeed, it isn’t surprising to find Web marketers and companies scrambling to figure out ways to generate more leads for companies through social websites.

    But could you really generate leads using social websites? Most marketers say that one could. In accordance with a survey by Wishpond, 77% of consumer marketers say they found no less than one customer on Facebook. Meanwhile, 83% with the marketers surveyed stated that Facebook is essential or perhaps very important thus to their business.

    As for the other social media sites, 34% of those surveyed said they generated leads through Twitter, while around 20% said that they closed a deal through that micro blogging site.
    Before a good social media, websites found new customers by ranking their websites on Google through Search engine ranking or SEO. All that has changed, however, and right now it’s almost required for businesses to get a presence on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

    OK. And Social Lead Wizard is the foremost lead for you, If you want to make more and more money with social media sites then you need to have Social Lead Wizard RIGHT NOW …And Let’s Do it
    Watch Video For More Detail


    Do you use Facebook to run your business?

    If your answer is yes – your not doing it the right way.

    There’s a loophole inside the Facebook newsfeed, and see how you can use it to your advantage..

    ==> Grab 75% Discount Now

    We all know there is a lot of competition out there.

    The people who are better than you are pretty tough to beat because they use advanced sales funnels and list building strategies.

    There’s been lots of IMers checking their Facebook campaigns only to end up losing money.

    Make no mistake, it could happen to you. Maybe its just me, but I seem to have been hearing more reports of this kind of thing recently.

    (In fact, something very similar happened to a mate of mine named Aravindh..he lost somewhere around eight hundred dollars when he was doing it the wrong way.)

    If you don’t have a proper tool to build your list and make sales from FB, that can be a lot of work down the drain, and money you are not getting back.

    But help is at hand:

    ==> Grab 75% Discount Now

    See, when Aravindh lost money, he made sure it wasn’t going to happen to him again.

    He lost money only because he wasn’t able to collect the new leads and pitch his products the right way. And I’m sure he is not the only one who lacked this ability.

    So, he developed a tool that makes sure he is profitable with any Facebook Campaign that he creates.

    And it lets you to insert Squeeze pages/ Video Sales pages right inside the Facebook newsfeed.

    So now he’s always profitable, and the competition is left crying over their keyboards.

    Check it out now:

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