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    service apartment for rent This property including 8 apartments in total that are divided into 2 types of leasing areas, right at city center and close to Ben Thanh Market, crowded residence. They are well-decorated in a modern design, creating a luxurious and comfy living space which is very suitable for families and foreigners working and living in urban area.

    After a full day of work, coming back your aparterment, you can dine with your family in beautiful restaurants and joyful coffee shop conveniently located at your complex. You can also enjoy a movie, a bowling game, or a karaoke song in walking distance. Recreation activities such as fitness training, swimming…in one stop.



    Address: 292 Ung Van Khiem Str, Ward 25, Binh Thanh Dist, HCM City, Vietnam.

    Email: citihousegroup@gmail.com.

    Hotline: 0902 410 300 - 0902 704 940- Tel: (84.8) 3520 7646.

    Website : service apartment for rent in ho chi minh.
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