Sell Paypal pass mail verify and Paypal pass mail Unverify Cv2 Us,Uk

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    cam ranh
    Paypal Verify pass mail............ 30$ (i give u socks5)
    Paypal Unverify pass mail............20$ (i give u socks5)
    Paypal Verify pass mail............25$ (i give u socks5)
    CC full blance 10000$...............80$

    Sell Cv2 Us,Uk Paypal pass mail verify and Paypal pass mail Unverify Cvv Fullz balance $10000
    Cvv US visa, master price 2.5$/cvv
    Cvv US amex, discovery price 3$/
    Cvv UK visa, master price 3$/cvv
    Only Sell Cvv US random and sell bin
    Check cvv is good then send to u

    If u dont trust me,u can buy one for test it is good u buy more

    Contact Yahoo : hotCCV
    Payment method: PerfectMoney,WebMoneyZOnly

    --->-> Please read carefully how to buy and liquidate
    - Clause 1: we only transfer the product when having received your payment through LR,WMZ or WesternUnion. Please before the payment PM Yahoo ID : sell_cc_us to get payment information
    - Clause 2: We will not transfer the product if you dont pay fully for the product. After paying, please PM Yahoo ID: sell_cc_us to receive the series of Cc you have just bought.
    --->-> Note - Checking tool approved
    - Clause 1: All CV2 are checked by itunes of apple and check again in we only sell cv2 for customers accepting the test cv2 in itunes or napster.
    - Clause 2: After receiving the product, you can check in itunes or If there is NOT GOOD cv2, we will exchange for you a good one
    - Clause 3: please check whole content of cv2 after receiving it from us. if cv2 doesn't work, please take the photo of screen when checking it as of prove, we will change for you the good one on that day immediately.
    - Clause 4: we will never give you the product if we don't receive the payment for it.
    - Clause 5: please take note that all cv2 before transfer for you are in good condition and we have checked. that you are rejected in some shops is not our faults. the error is due to payment system of those shops. it can be due to shock or the shops only accept the card with Bin.
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