Room Serviced in Dist 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Near Ben Thanh market

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    Room Serviced: Add:39/7 Nguyen Trai , Ben Thanh Ward, Dist 1, HCM city. Located in district 1, right in the heart of Hochiminh City, Vn.


    There are also many facilities:

    _ Fully furnished with air-cons, free wifi ,refrigerator, cable TV( LCD TV),nice private restroom, hot water, balcony, safe box

    _Adjacent to many clubs & bars,

    _No limited your time, security 24/24

    _Convenient for short and long term lease.

    _There are also many facilities around the hotel for you to entertain such as Ben Thanh Market with 5 minutes to walk ,many coffee shops and bars, Pho 2000, Pizza Hut and other Japanese restaurants in Le Thanh Ton Street nearly. And it’s a heaven for you to shopping with shops belong to 2 sides of Nguyen Trai street.

    There are three types:

    - Small room with 1 double bed, price: 350 usd/month

    - Medium room with 1 double bed+1 single bed, price: 400 usd/month

    - Large room with 2 double beds, price: 450 usd/month

    (Included electric water and VAT)


    Or call me at Mobile: 090 953 0001 (MS HUONG)
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