Real estate market rental in VietNam

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    The real estate professional isn't all difficulties , some popular apartment in Hanoi , HCM City has launched several promotions stimulus , during some cases " tailor- made ​​shoes " for the project entitled incentives from 30,000 billion package .

    In early 2014, the organization announced the flourishing real estate investment who has sold over 500 apartments completed projects 8x Sen ( Tan Phu district , Ho Chi Minh City ) . The main advantage of this project is committed investor support package is just not inferior towards housing projects entitled to preferential policies . In particular , apartments are small , from 600 million base price , buyers get 10 -year installment without interest . From the first year , buyers just pay 100 million.
    Many competing projects with utilities included for example parks , private pools , stores ...

    Has gone south many projects behind schedule , quite a few businesses that affordable housing must also run using schedule to obtain the trust of "God " . While using cost of 13.5 million dong per m2 , Dream House project ( in Go Vap administrative center ) has sold in excess of 480 units, and only last about 20 units .

    In accordance with Nguyen Van Tung , Deputy General Director of Property Services Company Name Khoi , unit sales of Dream Home project , the situation with the investor doesn't need to compete for promotions and discounts that is the quality of the works included utilities like kindergarten, park , pool , center - one and only thing inside apartment .

    " Investors make commitments and construction completed two weeks 1 story for September will be finished crude . Dream House Project will quickly be delivered to customers round the quarter 2/2015 as being the commitment , "Mr Tung said .

    In Hanoi , many real estate investment projects in Hanoi have fierce competition through special policies to financial difficulties for clients . In mid- March , Corporation Real estate property Services have house for rent in Hanoi, and apartment for rent in hanoi, Food sold more than 50 open apartments Tan Vietnam ( Hoai Duc ) with preferential policy shock . While using valuation on 13.5 million dong per m2 ( including VAT ) , customers only play 70 % of the apartments had to be done anymore . 30 % with the remaining apartments may be paid in installments within couple of years , not including interest . Specially the observation floor penthouse apartment with the building are going to be discounted to VND 500,000 per m2 .

    Never to be outdone , VC7 Housing Complex project also launched preferential mortgage rates to customers . Specifically , buyers could possibly get bank loans with preferential interest rates to five.91 % -9.9 % within the first year . Loans have a very maximum loan term all the way to 25 years and also the total importance of loans is concerning 95 % from the apartments .

    Lecture the Reporter , the overall Director of Hoang Anh Saigon Real Estate , Doan Chi Thanh declared however the market hasn't gone away difficulties of 2014 , nevertheless the difficulty is decreasing as compared to 2013. The affordable housing products at huge discounts while using the housing projects of social policies are great liquidity .

    As outlined by Thanh , cheap apartments are new supplies to enter the market tends asymptotically for the affordability on the average salary of ten million dong every thirty days ( excluding expenditures ) . " Here is the account balance that the majority of lovers can achieve thus to their affordability and growing , successful trading opportunities affordable housing segment will probably be higher than in 2013 ," he assessed .

    Mr. Nguyen Huu Cuong, chairman of real estate property clubs Hanoi declared that the real estate market in 2014 could have two segments classified clear . Segment super luxury property can be very difficult , even ordinary apartment will surpass storm warming crisis to market . The vast majority of buyers will opt for the commercial segment cheap prices by around 20 million suit pocket .

    Club chairman Hanoi Real estate property recognizes 2014 war happens affordable housing by investors to make strategic business , price, quality utilities included apartments to draw customers . " Reasonable price , quality assurance is the vital thing to bringing investors into your project ," Cuong said.
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