Toàn Quốc Real estate market are positive developments

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    TP HCM
    The market in Hanoi are positive developments , the modern statistics through the Ministry of Construction as real-estate inventory in 2013 fell 21 % in Hanoi , HCM City fell 36.4 % from the first 2 months trading 2014 increased compared to the same period not too long ago with 1,300 successful transactions in Hanoi , ...

    Construction on the data established that the primary 8 weeks of 2014 the market in Hanoi has already established several successful transactions , the very first 8 weeks of 2014 there was clearly around 1,290 successful transactions ( two times when compared to same period in 2013 ) .

    Pace with trends in the evolution estate market did start to gain liquidity in lots of good projects , good location , infrastructure and modern synchronous , real estate segment that has a selection of cheap money 1 - 2 billion apiece offered a lot . This is the segment apartments are interested buyers now , numerous projects were launched to enlist every market.

    In order to meet the requirements of this market, many investors have adjusted the project , structural adjustment as well as the apartment was actually attract buyers , trading up . Apart from the upcoming project completion and handover traded sharply . Recently , many new projects considered to sign purchase contracts with buyers also began to to enter the market goods . Some projects metropolitan area has " sunk " once the market froze , now also giggled again on account of deploy new components to purchase projects like the Beijing No. 4 ( Sapphire Palace ) in Thanh Xuan . ..

    The latest project appeared now available will be the housing area for officers , 103 staff from the Hospital Corporation Urban Investment and Song Da Industrial Zone 7 is the investor . This is the principle source for Ha Dong district area the very next time .

    This project associated with infrastructure NUA Van Quan , Nguyen Tips about double road in Van Quan new urban areas ) , construction land area of ​​greater than 17.000m2 , that 11.000m2 construction on condominiums 2 CT01 CT01 and 25 stories high . Any time trial began CT01 is sent to the marketplace .

    Serviced apartment for rental in HaNoi
    , Apartment prices are 14.8 million m2 ( including VAT , completed basic furniture , flat area navigation features ) . In accordance with calculations per apartment condominium project cost about 103 Institute from over 1.1 billion apiece . Apartment area from 77m2 to 112m2 . Currently under construction apartment 1st floor CT01 and was eligible to sign the contract of sale for your purchase . In line with the investor's commitment , expected quarter 3/2015 handover in the apartment .

    A great many other projects are improving to offer products on the segment apartments as Victoria Van Phu sell the residual apartments if the project was completed for $ 15 million m2 area from 56m2 to 132m2 ; CT1 Central Office also began to to enter the world when apartments and condos were built basement foundation , road surface Do project are Germany , the nation's Conference house and Big C Supermarket 1 km , with prices which range from 1.5 - 1.9 billion apiece ;

    Long project positioned on Victory Boulevard Thang Long , An Khanh , Hoai Duc , the important C is approximately 6km west of pile foundation construction phase , and to subscribe for 12.5 million m2 ( VAT included ) , a location of ​​59.8 m2 , 69.8 m2 to 87.8 m2 from 2 to 3 bedrooms , 136 Ho Tung Mau project by EZ partnership VUD and Viet Nam distribution market is 300 units cost per unit from 1.1 billion project is located in the My Dinh area 1 .

    Nam Cuong exhaust inventories are also apartments for the Sparks project of Duong Noi , Ha Dong for $ 900 million ( excluding VAT ) for the flat area from 56 - 120m2 ...

    Ms. Do Thi Thuy , CEO VUD said that recent market liquidity increases. Property Type strongest traded on segment below 1 billion apiece . The project is assured buyers ' money down " when good progress , the investor sufficient financial capacity , situated in areas with good infrastructure .