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Toàn Quốc Play Online Slots at the #1 Slots Casino

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    Play Online Slots at the #1 Slots Casino

    Online slot machines, known as online fruit machines in the UK and as online pokies in Australia, are the property of All Slots Online scr888 Casino. All Slots has more than 200 online slot games, each with its own particular rules and attributes. This page presents a general overview of online slots terminology and rules. This will be enough to get you started playing the Great Blue slot online slot machines, but be sure to go over the unique rules of the online slot game that you select to play.

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    Images, Reels and Pay lines

    The reels are the main element of any slot machine. A reel is fundamentally a wheel with images painted on it. When you click the Spin button, the reels spin around and finally stop in a particular position.

    The images on a slot machine can really be anything at all. They are often involved to the theme of the slot machine game. Dolphin Tale, for instance, has an underwater theme; images include dolphins, fish, clams, crabs, shrimp, and octopuses. Common images on many slot machines include cherries, playing cards, and the number 7, and the bar image.

    A pay line is a line that runs across all the reels. A pay line may be horizontal, diagonal, or zigzagged. When you wager on a particular pay line, you are said to have “enabled” that pay line. You win at slots when the winning images display on a pay line that you have enabled. Some modern online slots games employ Ways To Win, allowing a Great Blue slot winning payout whenever matching images display on adjacent reels, instead of pay lines.

    Classic Slots, Video Slots, and Fruit Machines

    The two main types of online slot machines are classic slots and video slots. There are also fruit machines, which are a unique type of classic slots.

    Classic slots, also known as reel slots, are the three-reel slot machines. They have a curved, 3-D appearance on your computer screen, just like the early mechanical slot machines had. They can have 1, 3, or 5 pay lines.

    Video slots are the five-reel Great Blue slot machines. They display flat on your computer screen, much like a flat-screen TV. They all have at least 5 pay lines, some have up to 100 pay lines, and a few have done away with pay lines altogether and provide hundreds of Ways To Win.

    Fruit machines, also known as AWP (Amusement with Prizes) machines, are UK-style three-reel slot machines. Fruit machines have unique Hold and Nudge attributes, and often have bonus games within the slot machine game.