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    Monthly Slot Tournaments

    A Monthly slot tournament can be played at any time during the month and these offer huge prize pools, one worthy of note is the 25k Monthly Monster slot tournament which is held at the majority of online scr888 casino listed throughout our Malaysia online casino website.

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    The cost of entry is 25.00 and for that you get 6000 credits and 14 minutes to play, this monthly slot tournament offers you 5 continue play options and 10 re-buys should you wish to carry on playing in the hope of working your way up the leader board and bagging a better prize.

    A minimum of 25 players is required for the monthly slot tournament to be live and the maximum number of entrants is limited to 1500. The 25,000.00 prize is evenly divided by the top 25 players who make it to the final leader board and therefore they will win 1,000.00 each.

    Tournament Slot Games

    The Tomb Raider slot was not only one of the first Malaysia online casino bonus video slots to appear online but it was also one of the first to be installed as a tournament slot. A no nonsense slot with not one but two bonus games that can be triggered it boasts 15 pay lines and can be played with 5 coins activated on each of these line thus a maximum bet spin will set you back 75 coins. The secret to winning some sizeable amounts to shoot you up the tournament leader board is to always play max coins and hope the free spins and bonus picking games hit!

    The Mad Hatters slot game is one of the more comical and some would say cute bonus video slots that have just been added to the tournament slot games available, and this one comes with 30 pay lines and with the ability to play a maximum of 10 coins per pay line you could see yourself hitting some large pay line winning combinations, look out for both the free spins bonus game and the special Cuckoo picking game which can both be triggered when playing the base game. Five scatter symbols will see you being awarded 50 free spins!

    The Thunderstruck slot is famed for its Ram Malaysia online casino symbols and these are the key to winning the free spins bonus round where you will be awarded with 15 free spins which all play out on an x3 multiplier. It lets you play up to 9 pay lines on each spin plus to enable bigger payouts and you can opt to play each spin with 5 coins on each line. The free spins can and do re-trigger and with wild symbols also in play these can award you with plenty of winning combinations and get you up that leader board in no time at all.