House for rent in District 3, HCMC, Price 850 USD/Month

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    Location: Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street

    The house for rent in ho chi minh city just takes you 15 minutes away from Ho Chi Minh’s most exciting and popular attractions, this house has everything you will need for a comfortable living experience in Ho Chi Minh. Our dream house make you sound more exciting or impressive, rather than relaxing.

    General Description

    Everything is still in great condition as the building only recently completed construction. The house 1 living-room, 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, 2 bathrooms and balcony. The layout is fantastic, there is a separate galley kitchen with high-end finishing and a balcony! The interior design of this attractive property is both stylish and practical. The fantastic lights in the house also keep it bright so you will feel alive every time. Fully-furnished with warm lighting and ultra-modern interiors, this unit comes with all the essentials for quality urban living.


    Local residential services such as health clubs, shopping, dining and recreational areas are within a short walk. It’s nearby themed parks and general ambience makes it a great place for recreation and relaxation.
    Room Features

    The living-room is colorful, welcoming and cozy, with a sofa-bed and a television. Kitchen layouts is done according to the essentials and also specific with particular suggestions regarding how most foreigners would like their working space to become. This premier suburban house comprises of two bedrooms with wooden floor, each bedroom housing amazingly comfortable beds and the finest quality linen. The bathroom is well suited for all of your personal care needs and comes with shower and toilet. Design and revise the bathroom renovation make you satisfied.


    Rental is USD 850/month (equivalent to VND 18,000,000/month).

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