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Horror Themed Slots free game online

Thảo luận trong 'Trò chuyện linh tinh' bắt đầu bởi anhtran, 9/5/16.

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    Horror Themed Slots

    The slot themes can't get much more scarier than the Horror themed slots and we have plenty of them to showcase to you, as usual you are going to find plenty of different slot games in many different formats from multi triggering feature rounds to slots that offer free spins and gamble games, checkout those Horror themed slot listed below they are simply the best.

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    Also remember to allow you to see for yourself just how good these Great Blue slot games are all of them can be played for free or for real money at any of the online scr888 casino listed below, so why not give them a whirl for free or bag yourself a generous bonus when you decide to play for real.

    Witch Dr Slot

    There's something stirring in the jungle and he's cooking up a brew that you might want to avoid. He's the Witch Dr and he's out to stop you walking away with the top prize. Keep clear of the dolls and avoid the plants in this weird 5 reel slot, and you could be winning big.

    FrankenCash Slot

    In this hilarious take on the legendary horror tale, there's a treasure chest to be won for the bravest soul. Dare you enter the castle and face the monster that is Franken Cash. He has gold for you if you can make it out alive, but beware, you might end up as part of the Great Blue free slot Creature himself.

    Monster Meteors Slot

    Flashing across space, they bring terror and fright. They streak across the sky and brighten the night. But these are more than just shooting stars, they're the Monster Meteors. But there's a cosmic treasure to be found amongst the comets in this 5 reel slot, if you can spin in the win.

    Tribal Treasure Slot

    The natives are restless and the jungle drums are pounding away. There are hunters on the loose and it's not big game they are after in this fun to play 5 reel slots. There's Tribal Treasure to be had and it could be yours if you can spin in the Great Blue free slot winning reels.

    Hellboy Slot

    He's one guy you don't want to mess with, he's big, he's mean, he's red and he goes by the name of Hellboy. In this devilish 5 reel slot there's a fabulous fortune waiting to be claimed. And with this guy on your side you could be the one to take it home.