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Highway King slot free game online play now to the win

Thảo luận trong 'Trò chuyện linh tinh' bắt đầu bởi anhtran, 19/4/16.

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    With a killer progressive jackpot and a super-fun trucking theme, the Highway King slot gamewill make you the king of the road! No bells and whistles here, just a well-designed game with big winnings on offer.
    The Basics

    Five reels, nine pay lines and more wheels than you can count – Highway King slot is a slot game for anyone who likes nothing better than the sight of the open road. With a colorful animated layout, this game is attractive and enticing – and it’s all about the trucks. Regular images contain three big rigs (red diesel, yellow diesel and green diesel), together with a gas can, gas pump, glow plug, piston, tire, steering wheel and dice (presumably the fuzzy kind that hang from the rearview mirror).
    The wild image is the Big Rig truck, and the scatter is the muffler image. Hit five red diesel images and you win the largest payout; the second-largest comes with five yellow diesel images.
    Progressive Jackpot

    Playtech has a lot of slots that provide a lotto-style progressive jackpot, and Highway King slotis one of them. Progressive jackpots are connected to other casinos like scr888 casino in the Playtech network, thus the amount you can win can be huge! This is a selection attribute, although, thus if you don’t want to enable it, just ignore it. To play, choose “Enable” on the Dollar Ball icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and you’ll see all the numbers from one to 49. Choose any five of them (if you select the wrong one just choose it again to de-select it), or let the game select for you by chooseing “Random”.
    Your numbers will display at the top of the screen when you return to the main game. Begin a new spin, and numbers will be drawn by the game. If any match the ones you’ve chosen, you’ll win a prize. Match all five and the jackpot is yours! The lotto isn’t related to the spin, thus even if you don’t match any images you can still win big. One big aspect of this attribute is that even if someone has just won the progressive jackpot, it doesn’t begin again from nothing. When the big pot is won, the networked casinos automatically put in a base sum, thus you can score a large win at any time.
    A satisfying slot game, Highway King slot is a big selection for those who don’t like too many distracting extra attributes, but enjoy the extra thrill of a progressive jackpot selection. This slot game doesn’t provide lots of free spins and multipliers – just good, old-fashioned game play that suits every budget and skill level.
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