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Hanoi Housing Apartments - Hanoi Real Estate Agent

Thảo luận trong 'Nhà Đất - Bất Động Sản' bắt đầu bởi chungcudep, 5/10/15.

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    Hanoi Apartments - Hanoi Real Estate Agent

    Hotline: 0971.785.991

    Hanoi Housing

    Our Website offers a large variety of available properties in Hanoi. These include both cheap and high rate residences for expats moving to Hanoi to fit your needs at any price.

    HungPhat Propety offers the greatest selection of Hanoi homes for sale and Hanoi homes for rent on a convenient property listing portal. If you are looking to buy Hanoi property or lease Hanoi property we make it easy to find your dream home by letting you filter using listing search results. You can also find local Hanoi real estate agents and Hanoi property professionals to help you sell Hanoi homes or rent your Hanoi homes.


    Foreigners can own homes in Vietnam starting 1st July 2015

    Hanoi housing

    Vietnamese lawmakers approved a law allowing broad foreign ownership of property, as the government seeks to boost an ailing real-estate market and accelerate economic growth.

    Foreigners with a valid visa as well as foreign companies and international organizations operating in Vietnam now will be permitted to purchase houses and apartments.

    Foreigners are able to buy apartments and separate houses, excluding those in the areas of defense security following government's regulations, according to the amended law.

    Foreigners' housing ownership in Vietnam is not exceeding 50 years since the date of ownership certificate issuance, but the duration can be extended under government's regulations.

    Foreigners are also allowed to buy or own less than 30 percent of the apartments in a condominium building, and less than 250 villas and separate houses in an area with a population equal to that of a ward-level administrative unit in Vietnam, according to the law.

    Earlier in discussion, many lawmakers worried that if all foreigners who are allowed to enter Vietnam are able to buy houses, then the range is too large for management.


    Vietnam real estate attracts more foreign investors

    Hanoi housing

    Foreign investors are eyeing more projects in the Vietnamese property sector as the market increasingly becomes more open to overseas investment opportunities.

    Singaporean firm SLP Group is considering residential, commercial and industrial developments in Vietnam, where the real estate market is as saturated as Singapore’s, according to CEO Tricia Teo.

    She said that housing prices in the country is especially attractive and “balanced with investment capital”, which lures foreign investors to expand operations there, Vietnamese publication Business Times reported.

    Vietnam Real Estate Association deputy general secretary Tran Ngoc Quang echoed the same sentiment. “The Vietnamese market is developing and all market forecasts confirm that this is a market with great potential,” he said.

    UAE-based Investment Corporation of Dubai recently sent a team to the northern province of Quang Ninh to review the investment potential of the Van Don special economic zone.

    Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, two of Vietnam’s largest cities, have also showed signs of rapid growth potential in the next two decades, and both are seen to drive the return of the country’s property sector, Peter Ryder, CEO of IndoChina Land, told Vietnam News Brief Service.

    Investors from South Korea and Japan are also showing strong interest in the Vietnamese real estate industry, according to Neil MacGregor, managing director of Savills Vietnam.


    Real Estate Agents

    Contact us now:0971.785.991
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