Floridita Club Casino the best club casino for people gambling

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    The Floridita Club Casino is bit of the Casino VIP Lounge Group of online scr888 casino. They are developed by Microgaming software and are currently bringing ahighway king slot free play huge bonus to all new players.
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    Top Slots at Floridita Club Casino

    The Queen of Hearts is soaring round the skies in her perfect pink biplane. She is dropping her money bombs all over the reels and there’s a treasure chest trophy waiting to be claimed. It takes a Reel Baron to come out on top in this jolly 5 reel slot.
    It’s a classic recreation of the old arcade game in this 5 reel slot. Spin the reels and see the fruits roll round as you try to work your way to the jackpot reward. It’s Retro Reels all the way, though there are added bonuses in the new version of an old favorite.
    Santa’s got a brand new bike, and he’s left the sleigh behind. He’s taking presents in a much faster fashion in this 5 reel slot. The bikes named Blitzin’ and it’s Santa’s Wild Ride. Even the elves are having fun highway king slot free play getting it up to speed.
    Piggs Casino
    The Piggs Casino is bit of the Palace Group of online casinos. They are developed by Microgaming software and are currently bringing a huge bonus to all new casino players.
    Top Slots at Piggs Casino
    There’s a very wealthy Rajah here guarding a present of gold and jewels. He’s living in a Treasure Palace and he wants to share it all with you. Bejeweled tigers and elephants are spinning round the reels and if you line up the winning combination you will be walking away wealthier.
    Red’s got his hat on, 8-ball is on the way, and there’s a lovely lass waiting for them to drive in to the Truck Stop. Spin your way round the reels of this 9 line slot and you could need one of their big rigs to take home your jackpot reward. Though see out for the kangaroos along the road highway king slot free play.
    Head down to the Ice-cream parlor and enjoy a sweet treat while you’re spinning the sounds on the record machine. It’s time for a Vinyl Countdown and if you finish in the top slot then you could be enjoying a cool money reward.
    Too-whit-too-woo, What A Hoot The owls are having a bity though the jokes are far from blue. Spin the reels of this 9 line slot and participate in the fun with these feathered friends. There’s a smart old owl who knows where the treasure lies.
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