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    FB Lead Chef
    Gold = Leads = Money

    Grab Discount Now! and get Huge Bonuses
    This is how it works in any business.

    If you sell information products online.

    If you are a Clickbank, Amazon, or any other type of affiliate.

    If you promote via a Facebook Fan page or other social media.

    If you have a niche blog or e-mail list.

    If you provide services to online or offline clients.

    Simply put, you can’t have new customers if you don’t have new leads.

    Simple enough, but here’s the

    You see, the glory days of cheap Google PPC leads are over.

    The boat has sailed, never to return.

    Circa 2013, the typical wells of leads and traffic are running dry.

    That’s the bad news.

    The good news is that there is a new kid on the block, and if you are not taking advantage of it, you will be left behind in the race.

    You guessed it - the new kid I’m talking about is social media.

    What makes this good news is that thus far, to a large extent this goldmine is still untapped, and here is the aha moment that you must grasp - get in now,

    You see, Facebook ads are at the stage where Google ads used to be 5 years ago - cheap and affordable.

    Can you see why so many marketers are flocking to social media sites?

    (The explosion of FB marketing courses in recent times also says a lot.)

    To help YOU tap into this well and dig for the gold, we’ve developed the machine that we’ve called FB Lead Chef.

    Here’s just a handful of ways you can search and profit from red hot leads on FB:
    • Pull up all Facebook pages for the keyword you want, sort and filter by the number of likes to find those pages with few likes, and then offer them your like-boosting services
    • Search posts on Facebook to find people who are in immediate need of you and what you sell. People who post things like ‘I need a new website design’ are people who are already looking for what you have to offer.
    • Extract member ids of people from relevant groups, active users of fan pages and people who’ve attended events. Seriously, how can you get more targeted than this - people who are attending an event tend to be very passionate. And what’s more, you can use these ids in conjunction with…

    The Power Editor is Facebook’s secret weapon for marketers. This tool lets you build highly targeted custom audiences that are highly responsive and precisely pinpointed, by importing the user ids that you’ve extracted from the methods above.

    Listen up - this is by far the most powerful way to build a highly responsive audience in your niche and target them with FB ads. At this point in time (latter half of 2013), the sky’s the limit in what you can do with this - and FB Lead Chef is the ticket to let you tap into this unlimited goldmine potential.

    Because of this unparalleled level of targeting, you can finally put any fears you may have had about Facebook advertising to rest.

    Or, if you simply want to double your CTR and cut your CPC in half…The Member IDs Social Lead Freak pulls can do that for you.

    See - it’s like the old Google PPC wild wild west days again, because targeting only the Member IDs that Social Lead Freak generates is the fastest, easiest, cheapest way to reach $0.01 clicks, bar none.

    So if you’ve ever wanted to advertise on Facebook, or if you want to pay less for your Facebook ads, now is the time with FB Lead Chef.

    You’ll be able to directly target your ad campaigns in a way previously unheard of…

    Penny clicks will never be easier than this!



    Our Powerful Face-book Lead Generation System

    Get your hands on the exact software, methods & strategies you can immediately use to force Facebook to send you brand new intelligent leads that c-o-n-v-e-r-t-like-c-r-a-z-y

    [​IMG]Need a MASSIVE increase of sales, traffic and popularity? All ‘PowerPlayers’ roll with a ‘posse’ and getting a Power Player to endorse you is the same as getting a “GURU” to endorse you. You can extract these valuable leads with just- one-click in FaceBook Lead Chef.

    [​IMG]Need higher quality leads … who are actually passionate about your niche? Take a sneak peek into the minds of Facebook groups, events and pages and extract only their most active members.

    [​IMG]Extracting ennails from Facebook pages, groups and events is now easier than ever. With FB Lead Chef, email extraction is just a click away[​IMG]Want to maximize the effectiveness of your Facebook marketing campaigns while keeping your costs low? Use FB Lead Chef’s One-Click Member ID extractor to super-target your ads.

    The constant flow of real, hot , ultra-targeted, leads, and , untapped.
      • Hot: They want you to provide what they really need, and they want it right now, as fast as possible
      • Real: The leads exist and are paying attention
      • Untapped: They’re not getting bombarded by people who provide similar products or services.
      • Ultra-targeted: You know their exact needs
    Don’t forget to delete your cookies first before using discount or bonus, to make sure you will get this all bonuses
    How To Claim Premium Bonuses?

    Complete your order at here and sent to me your transaction.
    Contact me via this link to claim your bonuses package.
    Wait for less than 24 hours to get your bonus, no questions asked.
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