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    Have you ever asking why there are so many online slot games as well as so many slot players? The more the society develops the higher the entertainment needs of players. Thus, the online game industry has provided to serve the needs of people. Nevertheless, when you have plenty of options, it is hard to select a great game that is perfect for you, is not it? Why don’t you give a try to great blue slot game, I am sure that this slot game will not let you down, especially in hot summer.

    • [*]Symbol and bonus feature
    By hearing the name, I get the feeling of relax as well as freedom. Let’s think that in hot summer days, you will be brought into the fresh and cool sea water. How wonderful is that? Under the cool sea water is the world of aquatic creatures such as Whale, Shark, Clam, Pearl, Shell, turtle, and starfish. Not only Great Blue slot game has special theme, cute symbols but it also provides a series of appealing features like free spin bonus, and gamble option.
    Difference from many other slot games that contains progressive jackpot, this slot game offers free spin bonus feature. This feature will be triggered when you gather from 3 to 5 scatter symbols include Shark, Clam, Pearl and Shell. Moreover, when you win the bonus feature, not only you can earn many bonuses but you also can earn up to 33 free spins as well as an amazing 15x multiplier.

    Gamble option is a special feature of Great Blue slot game machine and that is only activated after winning spins. This is a slot game depending on luck and gamble feature is also the same. You need to pick one of two cards which include red color or black color. If you are lucky, the card you have selected will match with the card which the system chosen. If it shows up, your wins can be doubled. If you play with Bet Max and win spin, you can win the prize up to 10,000 coins. In case you win gamble game, your wins will be up to 20,000 coins. However, after winning and you do not want to play gamble feature, you can pass it.
    • [*]The new version
    Joining the Great Blue slot game, you will never be worried that you will not win anything. The new version offers a lot of benefits helped players get rewards anytime. If in the old version you can only earn reward when the winning combination of symbols run in horizontal rows; in the new version, no matter how your combinations run in horizontal, zigzag or diagonal, you can get great prizes. Additionally, you will have the possibility to claim rewards from common symbols. That is the reason why Great Blue appeals to so many players.
    There is one more thing I would like to discuss in this article is the useful tips to win this slot more easily. You just have to mind the Random Number Generator, a device which can decide final outcome, set your bankroll and keep cool when playing this game is necessary.

    Let’s join Great Blue slot game right now at Malaysia online casino and get some huge payouts from it

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