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Toàn Quốc Dream home apartment building Project

Thảo luận trong 'Thời Trang Nam' bắt đầu bởi khanhnd, 31/3/14.

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    TP HCM
    With time , it is a lot of knowledge which involved " apartment shop " residential Ideal home apartment building Project Home from agent . Accordingly , such a apartments can both had example of nutrition , and also to acquire more information thorough the legal evasive .

    In accordance with market observers , the appearance of " flat shop " can also be close to the time group of ground-floor commercial part of the abandoned apartment . The dull story not simply come in a future commercial
    t from purchasing power declined in recent years that area of the planning errors not follow market demand . Within this context , if the investor would like to narrow the organization park , change the flat part can also be a intend to address this difficulty . However, the alterations have to be licensed by the authorities .
    Ideal home apartment house Project"is additionally noted for the " apartment shop " in the bottom floor through more informed broker available recently. The " apartment shop " This is advertised as just could rival just will use to stay . Last heard , this seems to be the optimal model , though the deep which broker notified your customer sends more questionable .

    Ideal home apartment building Perspective Project

    Legally , choosing one approved the project, said : Level 1 - Mezzanine would be the commercial , public service , floors 2-14 are apartments , an overall of 504 apartment project is based . Within it , simply no notice " apartment shop " offering brokerage . When asked should the decision to vary the common planning application detailed 1/500 in the business park , public services to " apartment shop " seriously isn't a broker doesn't need a reply .

    Furthermore, the car finance terms of sale that brokers send clients are many disadvantages also .

    Clause 1.2 that shows the floor area apartments are " under common playwrights from the heart wall , column joint and Gross , wall to wall full private , personal columns of the apartment ." Herewith are only 2 ways 16/2010/TT-BXD Featured navigation or heart wall . The use of the calculation of Gross remains with current regulations .

    6:10 Clause states: " Party B to Party A agrees to control the corporation and reclaiming the structure until the end on the warranty period of your building . " This will resulted in a disadvantage with the customer if the management of the investor not efficient , high management fees , lack of income and expenditure light ... When folks desire to change that unit management problems also signed agreements .

    Paragraph 6.14 says: " Whenever a party has completed the handover of apartments to Party B that Party B are not able to demand it will likely be obliged to calculate the 70 % monthly management fee for that Managing Board. After a couple of months in the date of delivery of the apartment , the Board of Management will collect 100 % from the management fee has never moved inside the apartment ( with the exception of parking fees ) . " Customers should remember that this agreement to avoid trouble , following complaints .

    Paragraph 8.3 says: " Over the warranty period as driven by the A warranty work will probably be performed by replacing the defective or amended relative to things as they are right now as being the handover with the apartment or replace items perhaps the same rather equivalent quality . " Thus, if customers begin to see the quality troubles are also difficult requirements that need to be customized in line with his or her side A.

    Article 9 says the documents accompanying synergistic , including : " The receipts , tickets or receive payment order valid for that imputation in the window B " . Therein note , the investor must issue VAT invoices for every customer application phase under progress reckoning . This can guarantee the interests of the client has got the right to practice tax provisions . Note , when VAT invoices investors have synergistic values ​​separated into 2 parts: the additional value entrance and also the land use right transfer prices . Particularly , only 10 % VAT about the worth of the home .

    From the separation of specific cases above clearly signifies that the understanding of the product before buying is crucial . Many rental apartment buildings projects , is actually the sales pressure inexperienced broker authentication rumored not believe antagonizing customers , influence corporate reputation . To find out notification from unofficial sources , customers should relate on to investors or other exchanges are distributed international real estate investment projects . Also, customers also need to fully research legal records , the the agreement contracts contracts avoiding the potential risk of later .
    Source: HanoiFlat
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