Toàn Quốc Cockfighting online- 3D Virtual Cockfighting online game

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    Read on this new article to know the ways on how to start this cockfighting online game as well as how to fight other players.

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      How To Start This Game
    At first, you have to click “Create a new 3D Virtual” above to create a new player. The system will ask you 5 items, such as your name and password. Remember to keep your name simple and short as you will have to type it each time you play. Besides, you also need to remember your password. The “battery cry” is what your opponents will see when you win them. It is able to be changed at any time during this cockfighting online. Next, you have to choose a picture to represent you and then click” Create” button.

    After you enter this cockfighting online game, you will be able to see your statistics. Your dexterity as well as strength will help you in this battle. Remember that the higher, the better. In case that you buy or find armor and weapons, the will be presented as +number. Money is the money amount you get, which will be spent in the “shop”. Experience is a way of how good your cock is. Battle cry is what you will shout to your enemies in the battle. At first, the news section will be kept blank, but in case somebody attacks you, it will be presented there. You can also click the “Clear” button in order to clear out your news.
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      How To Fight Other Players
    After clicking the “Fight” button, two lists of players and gamecocks will be shown. The left list will show 25 players and gamecocks which are close to your level of experience. In this cockfighting online, the right list will be list of 10 best players and their gamecocks. You will hope to fight players close to your experience level, unless you are suicidal. Click the “Fight” button which is to the right of a name to start a fight. Also, you can type the name of any players.

    When your fight is happening, your weapon, strength and even a little luck will be compared with your enemy’s armor and dexterity. Whoever is better will be able to win this cockfighting online. In case that you win, you will take some gold from the opponent. In addition to this, you can also gain some of the experience from your opponent. In case that you gain enough high amount, your dexterity and strength will increase. In this cockfighting online, if you win a player who has a low experience level, your experience will increase slowly, and even you will never get stats. This is the reason why you have to fight players who are quite better than you are.
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      Items and Money
    You can buy some necessary items by clicking the ”Shop” button. After that, you will see a list of armor and weapons that you can buy. The chicken coop is a important item in this cockfighting online, so if you get it, there is an opportunity that your attacker will not get inside the coop. Besides, you can click the “sell” button that is in your stats page to sell your armor, weapon and some other items. Also, you can transfer your money to other gamblers