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    A rare and not often found bonus feature is the Bowling Game, this kind of feature basically entails you picking a skittle type object from those presented on the bonus game screen and then a bowling ball will be launched and once the skittle or similar is knocked over you will win the Malaysia online casino cash prize allocated to it.
    You do not need to be a master at bowling to pick up a decent sized payout as more often than not every skittle or skittle like symbol will have a guaranteed prize attached to it so don't worry if you are hopeless at bowling, you should still pick up some prizes when the bonus round triggers!

    Feel free to carrying on reading as below we have put together a listing of some of the best Bowling Game slot games that can be found at any of the top rated online casinos listed below, who will let you play any of these slots for free as a guest player.

    Slot Games With The Bowling Game Bonus Game

    The Bobs Bowling Bonanza Slot is the first of the Malaysia online casino games which can be found online that offer you the chance to take part in a bowling type bonus game. You first need to spin in, anywhere in view, on reels one, three and five, all at the same time, a Strike symbols and then you get to play a Bowling game!

    The slot also gives you plenty of winning potential as you can opt to play from one to thirty pay lines on each spin of the reels. For even more winning opportunities it also has a special Gamble feature where you can risk any winning spin in the hope of doubling or quadrupling its value by picking the color or the suit of the next card drawn from a pack.

    The coins levels are also fully adjustable and you can of course test drive this slot game for free at any online casino featured on our site, so why not give it a try.

    With fully adjustable coin levels you could play this Malaysia online casino slot as a Penny slot game or even a high rolling slot, and once you get three or more Strike symbols on any activated pay lines you will then either get to play in the Bowling game or you could win up to 20 free spins.

    If you fancy putting this slot game through its paces then remember that all casinos listed carry it and will let you play it as a guest player. Should you opt to play it for real money then don't forget to checkout our current range of casino bonuses which offer you excellent value. Plus all of your real money action when playing this slot game will also earn you casino comps and loyalty points which can be exchanged for cash once you has saved up enough of them!
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