Borno Fundraising Charity Template

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    • One Page Template – Borno is an one page template yet includes all the sections you require for a charity site.
    • Clean and unique design – Nice, attractive and unique layout.
    • Bootstrap 3.0 responsive layout – Boshonto is 100% responsive, each and every element including the awesome slider are fully responsive.
    • On scroll effect – Nice loading effect of elements when in viewport.
    • Browser Compatibility – This template supports all the major browsers including IE9+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox.
    • Clean Code – The code is well written using the best resources available and also all the files are well commented to make your work much easier.
    • Documentation – We include the detailed documentation on how to use the theme and it’s features. Plus you can always contact with me through my profile if you have any queries.


    • – If you need any alternate color variation please don’t hesitate to let me know.
    • – If you face any issue setting the template just get back to me.

    If you purchase and create a site with this template you can let us know, we will list your site here. Thanks.


    V. 1.0 – 7 April 2014

    - Initial release


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