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Toàn Quốc A few "super" real-estate projects "decommissioning "

Thảo luận trong 'Thời Trang Nữ' bắt đầu bởi khanhnd, 8/4/14.

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    TP HCM
    A few " super " real estate in HaNoi project invested poisonous of dollars , are getting to be project " estate " , the huge fortune is being squandered on a daily basis .
    1 . Your house Saigon One Tower ( formerly Saigon M & C Tower ) having a total energy production of up to 256 million documents .
    Here is the office buildings and apartments located in Grade A Ham Nghi roads - Ton Duc Thang - Vo Van Kiet ( District 1 ) . intends upon completion could be the second tallest building in Ho Chi Minh City ( 42 floors , 195 meters high on ) .
    Saigon One Tower was made with an part of ​​6672 m2 . Designedly , the dwelling is central Saigon One Tower commercial , service , office and apartment to international standards .
    The project carries a platform -centered cubic Commercial Services 6 stories high ( area 23,000 m2 ) , a 34 -storey high office building ( area 49,000 m2 ) and is made of 133 apartment blocks apartment , with the other service facilities .
    Building by JSC Saigon Real property M & C being an investor is often a partnership between your Corporation and Saigon Tourist ( Saigontourist ) , JSC M & C , Full service bank shares many Asian and Securities Company Ltd. East Asian exchange bank .
    This huge building was started construction in 2009 and to be finished in 2011 . However, to this point , after 5 years, the structure is " estate " .
    2 . Richland Emerald Tower is predicted to become " wonder " zone Saigon - Cholon
    The building is at 116-117-118 Bai Say , Ward 1 , District 6 with two facades abutting major roads of Cholon area and Pham Dinh Ho Bai Say . Richland Emerald Tower is just a few hundred meters Binh Tay Companies are convenient for business .
    The project includes a acreage of ​​3,813 m2 with a total floor section of ​​over 38,000 m2 building . The project can be a 28 storey high building with 2 basement and ground floor techniques .
    The dwelling is rectangular design , steadiness and balance , in terms of feng shui life everlasting described in key area 's most in-demand Cholon .
    Richland Emerald Tower ago by JSC Construction Investment Nhat Quang ( Ward 6 , District 3 ) for investor , then moved to JSC Thai Thinh Capital .
    Richland Emerald Tower was started from three/2008 , scheduled to be completed through the end of 2010 . However, until now , the project is with the initial stage on the 28th floor .
    Richland Emerald Tower is among several real estate projects in HCM delays distraint and auction money returned to customers stake inside the project .
    By the end of 2013, services key asset auction HCM ( Department of Justice ) has organized the auction threw this building .

    3 . Project serviced apartment for ren in Hanoi complexes - Senior Commercial Kenton Residences been dubbed the " Tropical Paradise " by Tai Nguyen Company Limited investor .
    The project features a prime location situated on tour Nguyen Huu Tho , Nha Be district ( next to the Phu My Hung populated area ) .
    This project is quite large scale using a total land area all the way to 90,500 m2 is split into 3 sections with 9 towers of 15-35 floors which has a total of 1,640 apartments and major shopping , entertainment . During this lie 2009 - 2010 , the asking price on this project reclining tilt from 1566-2250 m2.
    Whether that was started 6/2009 , but from 2011 for this project construction almost completely stopped . Now , the category under construction unfinished steel was rusty , overgrown grass around .
    Reportedly , investors had given Kenton Residences conversion solution plucking project slipped into 5-star hotel for just a foreign partner cannot exsert for additional .
    However, the agreement involving the owner plus the partners do not go anywhere partner wants more casino operators from the hotel but are not permitted .
    It is difficult to assume a big level of assets once the series " super " project that was buried per diem . Resources dedicated to each class are squandering a painful way .
    Source: House for rent in hanoi
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